Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halloween. Twilight 2010

30th October 2010
Tentative Venue: VIP Star. Jalan Lintas. Next to Open University.

Stay tuned.Publish Post

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


sedih ni...........Mana sudah kawan-kawan O2C ni.... semua hilang, sibuk dgn kerja masing2, rindulah dgn kamu org semua...... bila kaita org nak main badminton lagi ni, atau futshal ka..... I really miss you all........

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Date: 25th - 28th Feb 2010
25th Feb 2010 (Thurs) Depart KK - 1:40pm
28th Feb 2010 (Sun) Depart Clarks - 4:00pm
Accommodation: RM50 per pax
Robelle House
4402 Valdez Street.
Makati, Manila.
Transportation : RM145 per person
Transport includes all from airport transfers to shopping to clubbing. Murah ni!!
Places To Go:
Fort Santiago
US Memorial Park
Villa Escudero
Jose Rizal Park
Shopping Mall:
Mall Of Asia - Baclaran
Glorieta Mall - Makati Ave
Greenbelt Mall - Makati Ave
GreenHills Mall - Ortigas Ave
SM Mall - Makati Ave & Manduluyong
Night Spots
Makati Avenue - Ranges from pubs, bars, to strip bars
Malate - Pubs, Bars, Clubs & Live bands
Clubbing - Embassy, Temple Bar, Bed Club, Cowboy Grille (Live bands)
Try: Hard Rock Cafe Manila, Giligan's at Makati, or Giligan's at Malate.
Ranges from PHP300.
Tips are required - PHP100
Extra service varies from PHP300 - PHP1000 (depends apa kamu mau!)..hehehe
Strip Bars "Girlie Bars" or "Go-go Boys"
Makati Avenue
Roxas Boulevard
Cover charge from PHP300 including 2 drinks San Miguel
Malaysian HP can be used in Manila but charges are expensive. Put on roaming 1 week before you go; inform your service provider Maxis, Digi etc.
Power Point:
Philippines uses a 3-round pin plug. Get your multi-plug ready to charge your HP/camera etc.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Dear Friends,.. O2C needs a new captain/moderator because as of today, saya ingin meletak jawatan saya. I am disebabkan masalah peribadi. Please refer to Gidong for the setting OK. Thank you all for the laughters & tears. Insya allah kalau ada rezeki, saya akan kembali ke pangkal jalan.,.kavagu!! hahaha.

Bahagian merchandising: Logo O2C ada tempat saya nanti saya bagi kepada kapten O2C yang baru nanti.

God Bless You all. "Live, Love, Laugh"..and sometimes Cry!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


DATE: 30th Oct 2009
TIME: 8:00pm
VENUE: TNGC, Beverly Hills. Penampang.

Please wear your best halloween costume coz, just like last year we have Best Dressed categories. Kan kita semua sporting berhabis! O2C bah tu!


8:00pm - Arrival of members & friends
8:30pm - Light dinner (kalo yang tidak diet, please make sure kamu makan sikit sebelum datang ye) : Tentative menu- Fried mee, chicken boxing, sausages & mix vege only.
9:00pm - Karaoke time.While those yang menyanyi, others can touch up your costume.
9:30pm - Game 1
9:45pm- Karaoke time
10:30pm - Game 2
10:45pm - Karaoke time
11:30pm - Judging by TNGC management on best costume.
- Game 3
12:00am - Bah nyanyi lagi
12:45am - Salsa Lesson bersama Mona!
1:30am - Prize giving
2:00am - End (mangkali!!) Private function so I will request management to extend our night to 4:00am (hahaha..)

Contribution by pax: RM10 saja.

Please RSVP via comments. TQ

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Halloween Night Is Back!

DATE: 30TH OCT 2009


Loads of Games & Refreshments.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Group 2/car parked at Menumbok: departs from KK at 9:00am. Boat fare per pax=RM15.00.
Sunset BBQ (30th Aug) - Collection:RM4.00 per person. Pls pass to teamleader. TQ

Monday, August 24, 2009


29th AUGUST - 31ST AUGUST 2009

Our accommodation

Labuan Bird Park

War Memorial


You guys did a great job. To all who donated.. BIG THANK YOU!!

1) Jennedy 2) Lumis
3) Jennifer 4) Max B
5) JD 6) Gurangak
7) Frankie R 8) Dairen
9) Mesh 10) JR
11) Bosing 12) Clay
13) Kelab Staff Langkon
14) Herry 15) Kuai
16) Gidong 17) Herry
18) Bobby 19) DVia Restaurant
20) Mamai

Monday, August 10, 2009

THE MONSOK STORY-A Community Project

O2C's 2009 theme "Live, Laugh, Love" is appropriately fitted in the coming event. The Monsok Story.

An elderly couple living in poverty in Kuala Monsok,Tambunan, husband 76 years old and wife at 81. Living in an old shack, made from used timber and plywood. They in need of help. They are unfortunately not registered in the 'Miskin Tegar'. To be registered and the benefit the scheme is a long tedious process. That is where O2C family comes in.

This project consist of:

Project Manager - Ned
Secretary - HarS
Treasurer- Lumis
Transportation & Logistics - Jr
Accommodation - HarS
Food & Beverage - Mesh & Bossing
Documentation - Dairen
Event Coordinators - Jr & Gidong
Semua Keluarga O2C pun AJK juga.....tiada yang terkecuali sebab semua pun penting!

DONATION (Compulsory) - Minimum RM10.00 from each member. If you want to donate other stuffs as well, you are most welcome. Pls co-ordinate with Secretary yg seksi kita Mr.Herry.
FOOD & BEVERAGE - RM15.00 (Inclusive of 2D-1N; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Minuman yang lain - Pls co-ordinate with Mesh.